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Alice De Bellis, an Italian designer residing in Tel Aviv, is the visionary behind the renowned brand Allis. With a rich background in textile design and a wealth of experience in the field, Alice has honed her craft to perfection. In 2024, fueled by her passion for textiles and prints, she made the bold decision to establish Allis. True to her artistic ethos, every print and pattern that graces Allis products is meticulously designed by Alice herself.

Allis is committed to sustainability, employing cutting-edge green technology from Israel in the production process. With a nod to her Italian heritage, Alice ensures that only the finest quality fabrics sourced from Italy are used in creating Allis products.

Allis promises to infuse vibrant colors and elegant designs into your living space, imbued with a playful twist and positive energy. Join Alice on her journey as she brings a touch of joy and sophistication to homes worldwide through the enchanting creations of Allis.

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